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"TBJF Gurugram, Haryana: Free Education Initiative"

Village children getting free Education

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How we use Your Donation

1. 80% of the donations are used for children's education. 2. We allocate 5% to provide monetary aid to needy parents. 3. Another 5% is used for the Foundation's management purposes. The remaining funds are reserved for various other welfare activities.

The 74th Independence Day Celebration

Team TBJF celebrated the spirit of our national heroes with our adorable kids. On this 74th Independence Day, we held a grand event dedicated to our motherland.

You can support children's involvement in sports activities.

To see the change you must be a part of this change. Your one minute can make someone's whole life.



The Bishnukant Jha Foundation (TBJF) is wholeheartedly dedicated to serving underprivileged children in the field of education. Founded in 2021 in the remote village of Navtol in the Madhubani district of Bihar, TBJF began its mission by educating poor, needy, and helpless children. Currently, the foundation provides free education in Gurugram, Haryana.

The Bishnukant Jha Foundation

Here’s a revised version with corrected grammar:

The Bishnukant Jha Foundation is a not-for-profit organization located in Madhubani, India. At TBJF, we leave no stone unturned to eliminate illiteracy due to financial limitations by implementing a unique and simple method of free education in a different and more effective approach.

The Bishnukant Jha Foundation also supports the Right to Education for every child, particularly those from socio-economically challenging backgrounds.

our vision

No child in India should remain uneducated due to financial instability or an underprivileged background.

our mission

To Eliminate Illiteracy among 500 children & make them able to live an educated and enlightened life by the end of 2024.

What to expect next?

We are planning to expand our social activities beyond the field of education very soon.