1. To make children know the importance of education & its implementation in real life.
2.To support the needy children in their Education, Health & overall wellbeing.
3.To make Fundamental studies free of cost.
4.To organize Social awareness events in Backward rural areas for children.
5.To Help Youth develop money making-skills.
6.To provide Scholarships to the deserving for College & for further studies.
7.To help them shape their future in every possible ways.


  1. To encourage talented and hard working students to go for higher studies by giving them scholarships. We will guide them through the entire process and help them get into good institutions. 
  2. We also plan to organize a lot of extra-curricular such as dancing, singing, sports etc. activities so that they could find their inherent talents.
  3. We plan to give skill training to the students after 10th grade so that they don’t have to do menial jobs that they end up doing due the lack of required skills.
  4. Creating job opportunities for the women is also one our goals. We plan to get them to do some artistic work (The Madhubani Paintings, Local Folk Arts, Tailoring work) so, that they  can earn some money in return. It would be of huge help for the poor families where majority of  the women are involved in household chores only.
  5. Organizing blood donation camps, making people aware of the cleanliness and personal hygiene and guiding them through the process is also on our agenda. 
  6. Also, one of the major problems is the people being unaware about their rights and duties. They end up giving votes to the incapable candidates. It is very important to educate people on this matter so that they can make better decisions. As you know electing good leaders is of utmost importance in a society.
  7. Our one of the major initiatives is doing something about the flowers that devotees offer in temples. Due to this our temple premises get dirty as flowers are scattered everywhere in the temple premises. We plan to make incense sticks from those flowers which will not only provide job opportunities to the jobless, less educated but skilled people to earn some money for them.

Thank you for your time.

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material donation

Currently we are helping more than 180 children around us. We need kind and generous people like you who can support us Donate Food & other Materials for these little ones like clothes, Classroom building materials, Books, Notebooks & Stationery materials.