Who We Are?

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Before you know more about us, you should know this fact

Less than 50% of children in India aged between 6 and 14, go to school. Almost two-thirds of all children who enroll in grade 1, don’t reach grade 8. More than 50% of girls in our country aged 5 to 9, are illiterate. These numbers pain our hearts, and as little as we may, we wish to change them for the better.

Rajveer Jha, Founder of The Bishnukant Jha foundation, has been associated with the education field for more than 10 years.

He brings with him a world of experience and understands the dynamics of how things work in this field, and what it takes to impart quality education.

He has a vision for society mainly for underprivileged children who are deprived of literacy due to Financial limitations including various other reasons.

Founded in May 2021, The Bishnukant Jha Foundation is an attempt at making education accessible to every child irrespective of their financial background, caste, religion, or any other agent of division in society.

Our journey started with a shared dream of our co-founders to not let the formative years of children in and around their village who can’t afford quality education for various reasons, go to waste. Based in the remote village called Navtol (Madhubani district) in Bihar, with a team of 5 volunteer teachers which is now a Family of 15 teachers and more than 170 bright-eyed students. We are doing our best to increase that number, without compromising on the quality of education, and have plans in place to expand beyond the village and district we are currently located in, and reach and help as many children as possible.

To keep the basic education easily available for each child foundation has decided to keep it pro bono.

Apart from the Education field soon our foundation will contribute to other social works.

The great cause needs great helping hands to meet with success. Our co-founders are the spine of our foundation so let’s meet them now.

Sumit Jha

Mr. Sumit is an undergrad BSc student(Aspiring Medical Student). He shares similar aspirations with other co-founders. Being an undergrad student, he understands the invaluable role education plays in shaping people’s lives.

Nandan Kumar Jha

Mr. Nandan is a BA final year student. He is aspiring for UPSC. He has his roots in rural Bihar and he is passionate about educating those who can’t afford to educate themselves.

Rajveer jha- co- Founder


Sumit jha- co- founder


Nandan jha- co- founder

Meet our volunteers

  1. Ajay Mahto, B.A (English Honors)
  2. Nandan Rai, B.A (English Honors)
  3. Arjun Rai, B.A (Hindi Honors)
  4. Golu Rai, B.A (A/c Honors)
  5. Mukesh Rai, B.A (English Honors)
  6. Chandan Rai, B.com (A/c Honors)
  7. Nandan Jha, B.A (English Honors)
  8. Sumit Jha, Medical Student
  9. Prakash Jha, B.A (Hindi Honors)
  10. Priyanka Rai, B.com (A/c Honors)
  11. Madhuri Rai, Pursuing B.com
  12. Archana Kumari, Pursuing B.A
  13. Babita Kumari, B.com (A/c Honors)
  14. Shankar Mandal, B.C.A
  15. Rajveer Jha, B.com, B.Ed